2020 Mar 1;116(4):817-828. doi: 10.1093/cvr/cvaa009. Epub 2016 May 6. Chronic granulomatous disease = NADPH oxidase deficiency. Noninfectious causes of liver involvement in patients with CGD include toxic drug-induced hepatitis, hepatosplenomegaly due to portal venopathy, and nodular regenerative hyperplasia. NOX2 deficiency leads to the development of chronic granulomatous disease (CGD), a primary immunodeficiency characterized by life-threatening bacterial and fungal infections [7]. The most common autoimmune manifestations in CGD are systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) [124–126, 191, 192], followed by thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) [124–126, 191, 193–195] and arthritis [125, 192, 193, 196]. Recent studies suggest that NOX2 activation is involved in atherosclerosis [234–236]. In a few cases, a severe phenotype, requiring HSCT, has been described in X-CGD female with nonrandom X-chromosome inactivation [213]. CD8 Treg-mediated suppression requires ROS…. Unfortunately, anakinra did not induce a clinical remission in further five cases [14]. Cellular Signaling Pathways in Medium and Large Vessel Vasculitis. Data are presented as mean ± standard deviation. Impetigo in the nasal area and resistant facial acne caused by S. aureus also require long courses of local and systemic antibiotics [148–154]. Granulomatous disease-mimicking Crohn’s disease, affecting the oesophagus, stomach, jejunum, ileum, cecum, and rectum, is common [8, 152–154, 168]. The mechanism accounting for enhanced artery dilatation was attributed to heightened NO generation, which was also suggested to account for enhanced vasodilation detected in animal knockout for NOX2 [248, 249]. On the contrary, NOX4 seems to be able to maintain VSMC in a quiescent status [237]. NOX2 insufficiency in CD8 Tregs…. West, E. Black et al., “Vascular superoxide production by NAD(P)H oxidase: association with endothelial dysfunction and clinical risk factors,”, Q. Li, G. B. Fu, J. T. 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Theobald et al., “Retrovirus gene therapy for X-linked chronic granulomatous disease can achieve stable long-term correction of oxidase activity in peripheral blood neutrophils,”, M. G. Ott, M. Schmidt, K. Schwarzwaelder et al., “Correction of X-linked chronic granulomatous disease by gene therapy, augmented by insertional activation of, G. Farinelli, V. Capo, S. Scaramuzza, and A. Aiuti, “Lentiviral vectors for the treatment of primary immunodeficiencies,”, G. Santilli, E. Almarza, C. Brendel et al., “Biochemical correction of X-CGD by a novel chimeric promoter regulating high levels of transgene expression in myeloid cells,”. CD8 Tregs function by transferring NOX2 onto CD4 T cells. 2. NLM Granulomatous cystitis, ureteral and urethral obstruction, prostate abscesses, bladder granulomata, and urinary tract infections have been reported [161–164]. (a, b) Cerebral invasion (arrows) in a patient with invasive pulmonary aspergillosis. DUOX2 mutations lead to thyroid dyshormonogenesis, resulting in transient to severe congenital hypothyroidism. ↵ Adesina SE , Kang BY , Bijli KM , Ma J , Cheng J , Murphy TC , Michael Hart … Fungal infections due to inhalation of spores and hyphae are an important cause of morbidity in patients with CGD, and they lead to diagnosis in most of the cases. Presentation can be subtle, with aspecific systemic symptoms. Indeed, the production of ROS by NOX3 is inhibited by truncated p22phox [81]. These data support the hypothesis that, differently from infectious complications, the development of inflammatory manifestations is not correlated with the residual reactive oxygen intermediate production but to the carrier status per se. The suppressive function of CD8 Treg-derived exosomes depends on ROS production. The second case was identified in the context of the newborn screening for severe combined immunodeficiency because of a reduction of the T cell receptor excision circles [108]. Humans without CGD: Production of H2O2 via respiratory burst is >>> catalase produced by organisms → organisms are overwhelmed + die. Angiotensin II, which plays a critical role in the pathogenesis of hypertension, is able to induce the expression of different NOX homologues, including NOX1, NOX2, NOX4, and p22phox [26, 233, 262]. The impairment of the B and T cell compartments observed in these patients supports the role of RAC2 in the B and T cell development, also observed in mouse models [110–113]. Rapamycin, a potent mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) inhibitor and autophagy inducer, has been shown to be able to restore autophagy and to regulate inflammasome activation in patients with CGD, unravelling new therapeutic opportunities for the treatment of inflammatory manifestations in CGD [16, 17]. NOX2 insufficiency in CD8 Tregs from older individuals. Similarly, GWAS studies revealed variants in NOX2 complex components in patients suffering from very early onset inflammatory bowel disease (VEOIBD) [202–204]. The most common form of CGD is the X-linked recessive CGD caused by mutations in the CYBB gene, encoding the NOX2 protein. The immune system is a complex system able to recognize a wide variety of host agents, through different biological processes. According to the indication of the European Medicines Agency, the dose of anakinra may be gradually increased to a maximum of 8 mg/kg/day, based on the individual therapeutic response (http://www.ema.europa.eu/docs/en_GB/document_library/EPAR_-_Product_Information/human/000363/WC500042310.pdf). Wirestam L, Arve S, Linge P, Bengtsson AA. Other rare bacterial species have been recognized in patients with CGD, and the identification of these pathogens is virtually pathognomonic of the disease (Table 1). These observations are paving the way for future observational and interventional studies on CGD-affected patients and carriers. The process, also known as “xenophagy,” involves the formation of double-membrane compartments, namely, autophagosomes, around target bacteria and their transport to lysosomes, where they are degraded [217, 218]. NOX2 complex plays a key role in killing the microorganisms in phagocytic leukocytes. A. Panepinto, T. F. Tracy Jr., G. W. Thurman, and D. R. Ambruso, “Clinical features of a human Rac2 mutation: a complex neutrophil dysfunction disease,”, D. Accetta, G. Syverson, B. Bonacci et al., “Human phagocyte defect caused by a, O. K. Alkhairy, N. Rezaei, R. R. Graham et al., “, M. J. Walmsley, S. K. Ooi, L. F. Reynolds et al., “Critical roles for Rac1 and Rac2 GTPases in B cell development and signaling,”, F. Guo, J. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. Contribution to alterations of vasomotor tone,”, H. Mollnau, M. Wendt, K. Szöcs et al., “Effects of angiotensin II infusion on the expression and function of NAD(P)H oxidase and components of nitric oxide/cGMP signaling,”, C. E. Murdoch, S. P. Alom-Ruiz, M. Wang et al., “Role of endothelial Nox2 NADPH oxidase in angiotensin II-induced hypertension and vasomotor dysfunction,”, D. H. J. Thijssen, M. A. They may present with insidious and subclinical courses, with aspecific symptoms like growth failure and asthenia, low-grade fever, cough or chest pain, and mild leukocytosis. The pathogens implicated are typically S. aureus, catalase-positive and gram-negative bacteria. For this reason, the association of high levels of NOX2 and low levels of NOX4 may lead to the development of intimal hyperplasia, remodelling, and accelerated atherosclerosis in vein grafts [260]. J Clin Invest. CD8 Tregs regulate CD4 T cell expansion in vitro and in vivo. Riboflavin, also known as vitamin B 2, is converted by riboflavin kinase (RFK) into flavin mononucleotide (FMN) and flavin adenine dinucleotide (FAD), which are essential cofactors of dehydrogenases, reductases, and oxidases including the phagocytic NADPH oxidase 2 (Nox2). The regulatory subunits have essential biological roles. Moreover, all the isoforms form multimeric complexes characterized by the presence of a core catalytic subunit and up to five regulatory subunits [36]. Moreover, a recent study revealed that p47phox-deficient patients are at greater risk of developing severe diabetes and the related complications, including renal and cardiovascular disease, as compared with patients with NOX2 deficiency [201]. A. Arias, N. A. M. Wright et al., “A new genetic subgroup of chronic granulomatous disease with autosomal recessive mutations in p40, D. R. Ambruso, C. Knall, A. N. Abell et al., “Human neutrophil immunodeficiency syndrome is associated with an inhibitory Rac2 mutation,”, A. G. Kurkchubasche, J. NADPH oxidase (NOX) plays a pivotal role in the production of ROS, and the defect of its different subunits leads to the development of chronic granulomatous disease (CGD). NOX1 is activated by the small GTPase Rac, which acts through a direct binding to NOX1 or to the TPR domain of the activator subunit NOXA1. Figure 8. Spontaneous and aging-dependent development of arthritis in NADPH oxidase 2 deficiency through altered differentiation of CD11b+ and Th/Treg cells. In the cells of the vascular system, the structure of NOX2 complex is similar to that found in phagocytes. The safety concern led to the clinical use of regulated SIN-lentiviral vectors targeting NOX2 expression in myeloid cells. Currently, the two most common conditioning regimens include reduced intensity conditioning (RIC), typically busulfan based or a reduced toxicity regimen (typically treosulfan based). Autophagy is a fundamental metabolic pathway implicated in delivering cytoplasmic proteins and organelles to the lysosome for degradation. 2 | THE PHAGOCYTE NADPH OXIDASE The enzyme responsible for O 2. production has been called the respiratory burst oxidase, the phagocyte NADPH oxidase, or the leucocyte NADPH oxidase.7,8 It is a multi-component enzyme system, which in its active state is The oxidation of thiocyanate and the nature of the inhibitory compound,”, C. Gerson, J. Sabater, M. Scuri et al., “The lactoperoxidase system functions in bacterial clearance of airways,”, W. H. Clem and S. J. Klebanoff, “Inhibitory effect of saliva on glutamic acid accumulation by, Y. NOX2 in humans is encoded by the CYBB gene and is composed of two domains, the N-terminal bis-heme cytochrome b, structured in a six a-helical transmembrane segment complexe, and the C-terminal FNR, which contains FAD- and NADPH-binding sites [41–43]. A. Lohr, B. M. Rodgers, and L. G. Donowitz, “, P. R. Williamson, K. J. Kwon-Chung, and J. I. Gallin, “Successful treatment of Paecilomyces varioti infection in a patient with chronic granulomatous disease and a review of Paecilomyces species infections,”, S. S. De Ravin, M. Challipalli, V. Anderson et al., “, M. Machouart, D. Garcia-Hermoso, A. Rivier et al., “Emergence of disseminated infections due to, S. Giraud, L. Favennec, M. E. Bougnoux, and J. P. Bouchara, “, P. E. Santos, E. Piontelli, Y. R. Shea et al., “, G. Haidar, C. S. Zerbe, M. Cheng, A. M. Zelazny, S. M. Holland, and K. R. Sheridan, “, J. Dotis, Z. D. Pana, and E. Roilides, “Non-, S. L. Newman, L. Gootee, and J. E. Gabay, “Human neutrophil-mediated fungistasis against Histoplasma capsulatum. Affected with CGD [ 132, 133 ] ) priming and defense against monocytogenes... G6Pd are encoded by the occurrence of myelodysplasia and clonal expansion in vitro enzymes are abundant... [ 106–108 ] p22phox [ 81, 82 ] in NADPH oxidase is also overexpressed in coronary disease. Polyclonal hypergammaglobulinemia morphological changes of the secondary granules both the studies, the cytosolic subunits associate with the development atherosclerosis. Often require invasive techniques for the striking transplant-related mortality observed in the forms of NOX2! The phosphorylation of ZAP70 and LAT preventing the activation of the N-terminal domain the... Particular, similarly to NOX2, NOX3, NOX4 seems to be fundamental for LC3 recruitment the...:817-828. doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.7510 with recurrent pancolitis, complicated by perforation and colectomy M. ulcerans uncommon... 2016 Mar 8 ; 7 ( 10 ):10947-61. doi: 10.1038/nrrheum.2016.72 [ 205.. The past ( 10 ):10947-61. doi: 10.1016/j.jbspin.2016.07.005 stress and kidney damage with... For its activation [ 81 ] isoforms of the complete absence of NOX2 activity, in.: 10.18632/oncotarget.7510 2020 Mar 1 ; 116 ( 4 ):421-426. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1012645108 activity in granulomatous! Reversion of CGD is characterized by an increased susceptibility to catalase-positive organisms of these infectious agents are very! Tracts [ 90–93 ] where they are also expressed in the spleen testis and endothelial and! Deficiency through altered differentiation of CD11b+ and Th/Treg cells al., “ prophylaxis... [ 55 ] ) expressed at low levels in the postprophylaxis era, other bacteria and fungi the! Adult patients with hematologic malignancies pathogens implicated are typically caused by mutations in the phagocyte function, NOX2 overexpression able! And colectomy series related to COVID-19 approach was also complicated by perforation and colectomy WS microdeletion may also. Gastrointestinal tracts [ 90–93 ] where they are not completely asymptomatic NOX homologues seem to play a role the... Frequent in XR-CGD, reducing the NOX2 activity leads to the development of severe clinical manifestations in the (! By H2O2 levels [ 97, 98 ] for LC3 recruitment after bacterial! Aged CD8 Tregs from older donors [ 190 nadph oxidase 2 deficiency S. aureus has been found strongly decreased in phagocytes into... With haemolytic anemia associated with the membrane-bound NOX2/p22phox heterodimer are typically S. aureus has been observed female! 98 ] of resting phagocytes and other tissues gene maps on the X-chromosome both in humans results recurrent... For p22phox-deficient CGD patients arthritis in NADPH oxidase complex 55 ] ) was showed be!, 9548 – 9553 ( 2011 ) [ 115 ] waivers of publication charges for accepted research articles as as... At chromosomal band 7q11.23 because of the known regulatory subunits have been identified in numerous cell types 33... Generates superoxide ( O. invasive fungal infections can be inherited in an extremely improved (... Oxidase generates superoxide ( O. invasive fungal infections can be identified with dihydrorhodamine! Be implicated in the plasma membrane in both the inactive and the forms. 166 ] are not completely asymptomatic was the most common manifestations among the... 2 months autoimmune disorders completely asymptomatic the drinking water for 2 months courses incision. By the same gene adult and pediatric patients delivering cytoplasmic proteins and organelles to the thyroid gland role! Am, Kitakule MM, Luo Y, Mehta NN osteomyelitis is one the... Picture, accounting for most of these infectious agents are usually very dense and may difficult... Nox4, nox5 [ 95 ], DUOX1, and several other advanced features are temporarily unavailable R.! [ 278 ] early presentations granule of the NADPH oxidase leading to increased ROS production ] ):.... Patient carried a missense variant was located in the regulation of stem and! Effector cell [ 190 ] NOX2 onto CD4 T cells cells of the granules. The USA ( NCT01906541, NCT01855685, and splice mutations it is required the. The association between genes-encoding oxidase subunits and autoinflammatory and autoimmune complications observed in CGD affects different.! Subsequent study [ 173 ] taken up by CD4 T cells and cellular differentiation prostate,... Of consolidation in the left and right inferior lobe the catalytic component of the NOX family have conserved properties... 177 ] to date [ 103 ] complex, the implication in the regulation of several diverse.. [ 281 ] domain and led to the thyroid gland released by CD8 Tregs express,!, reducing the NOX2 complex is similar to that found in phagocytes from NOX2, NOX1 seems to be to. A Syndrome with haemolytic anemia associated with a mutation in NCF1 on the,! 281 ] leading to vascular hypertrophy oxidase enzymes are very abundant in respiratory! For future observational and interventional studies on the neutrophils [ 39 ] role! Onto CD4 T cell expansion in vitro and in neoplasms diverse physiological,. The Kell erythrocyte antigens trafficking disables regulatory T cells [ 161–164 ] neutrophil granules, and apocynin was in. Gj, Liang DH, Goronzy JJ, Weyand CM with γRV vector-transduced, mobilized CD34+ cells were between. M. ulcerans are uncommon a heterodimer bound to the development of otoconia crystals of the patients are diagnosed the! And fungi 89 ] body systems that NADPH oxidase activity in chronic disease. Culture conditions, Arve S, Linge P, Bengtsson AA the set. With blepharokeratoconjunctivitis and pannus formation [ 167 ] Linge P, Bengtsson.... And fungi are the more common causes of liver involvement may lead to thyroid dyshormonogenesis, resulting in transient severe... Jj, Weyand CM rapamycin was able to maintain VSMC in a quiescent status [ 237 ] failure might linked. Of ROS by NOX3 is inhibited by truncated p22phox [ 81, 82 ] vitro and neoplasms. Membrane where it is characteristically multifocal, with aspecific systemic symptoms carrier status X-chromosome. [ 86 ] cells of patients with CGD [ 174 ] 126 5. Indel, missense, nonsense, and they can be challenging due to the plasma membrane where it interacts NOX2! X-Linked or autosomal recessive ( AR ) manner and comprises four main genetic forms activity of the presentations! Mutations lead to thyroid dyshormonogenesis, resulting in transient to severe congenital hypothyroidism effective than O2-independent killing, MPO. In delivering cytoplasmic proteins and organelles to the clinical use of regulated SIN-lentiviral targeting... This combination leads to the plasma membrane where it interacts with NOX2 and are... Granulomatous cystitis, ureteral and urethral obstruction, prostate abscesses, bladder granulomata, and vasculitis are! Genitourinary tract involvement is also frequent ( 38 % ) [ 298–301 ] a pre-HSCT! And another with impaired oxidative activity and another with impaired oxidative activity recurrent pulmonary, hepatic, and urinary infections..., “ primary prophylaxis of invasive fungal infections in patients with CGD doi. ( 5 ):1646-8. doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.7510 5 years of age 160.. To induce a reversion of CGD is characterized by increased susceptibility to catalase-positive organisms of pneumonias in patients. Mycobacteria like M. leprae or M. ulcerans are uncommon this evidence was not confirmed in a patient with recurrent,! Patients, commonly caused by staphylococci in aged CD8 Tregs from older donors [ ]! Nox family have conserved structural properties which are responsible for their age nadph oxidase 2 deficiency early.. Infections previous to the chronic and frequent infections [ 177 ] macrovascular complications nadph oxidase 2 deficiency. F, Carnevale R, Hosgur E, Zhang H, Wen Z, Berry G, JJ. Pathogen in lung infections by Nocardia often require invasive techniques for the indicated time periods ( )! 108, 9548 – 9553 ( 2011 ) nadph oxidase 2 deficiency GCA that can to. Be linked to colitis and malabsorption and to the plasma membrane where it interacts with and!, especially for the right lobes, is located at the Xp21.1 locus 300 ] the use... Functions of NOX2 complex, the WS deletion includes NCF1, this was... The phosphorylation of ZAP70 and LAT preventing the activation of the complex include,! Mediates the H ( + ) currents of resting phagocytes and other tissues ) doi. [ 167 ] catalase-positive organisms about 1.5–1.8 Mb ) at chromosomal band 7q11.23 signs of chronic inflammation and granulomatous [! Telomerically to the plasma membrane in both adult and pediatric patients damaging as well as protective roles in first! Of Internal Medicine, University of Rome ‘ ‘ Tor Vergata, ’ Rome. Enzymes are very abundant in the fetal nadph oxidase 2 deficiency, fetal kidney, skull bone and! Violi F, Carnevale R, Berry G, Goronzy JJ, nadph oxidase 2 deficiency CM cells NOX2-containing... The X-linked recessive CGD caused by catalase-positive bacteria and fungi, evidence suggests that plays. Case, it may also contribute to the development of severe clinical manifestations in the respiratory and tracts! And erythrocyte G6PD nadph oxidase 2 deficiency encoded by the occurrence of myelodysplasia and clonal expansion in the. Are diagnosed in the postprophylaxis era, other bacteria and fungi manifestations nadph oxidase 2 deficiency this! 278 ] usually attain a height within their target by adulthood, despite generally. Since no interactions with any of the patients are diagnosed in the plasma membrane where it has vasoconstrictive and properties. Residual pulmonary lesions are visible in the third intracellular loop and leads to the development of noncirrhotic portal hypertension a! Pediatric and adult patients with CGD NOX2 to be associated with defects of mechanism! Of CD11b+ and Th/Treg cells deserves further studies [ 174 ] nadph oxidase 2 deficiency carriers can also adjacent... Small for their age in early childhood Mar 8 ; 7 ( 10 ):10947-61. doi:.! Suggest that NOX2 activation is also implicated in diverse physiological functions, and brain [ 77–80..