Eric Dolphy, bass clarinet; John Coltrane, soprano sax; McCoy Tyner, piano; Jimmy Garrison, Reggie Workman, bass; Elvin Jones, drums; Garvin Bushell, oboe; Ahmed Abdul-Malik, oud. Booker Little, trumpet; Julian Priester, trombone; Eric Dolphy, flute, alto sax, bass clarinet; Clifford Jordan, tenor sax; Mal Waldron, piano; Art Davis, bass; Max Roach, drums; Carlos "Patato" Valeler, conga drums #2; Carlos "Totico" Eugenio, cowbell #2. Bass – Jacques B. Hess* Bass Clarinet – Eric Dolphy Congas – Billy Brooks (2) Drums – Franco Manzecchi Tenor Saxophone – Nathan Davis Trumpet – Donald Byrd Written-By – John Coltrane: 15:12: A2: Triple Mix Bass – Ron Carter Flute, Bass Clarinet – Eric Dolphy Written-By – Eric Dolphy: 8:20: B1: Ode To Charlie Parker = Impulse! Woody Shaw Jr., trumpet; Eric Dolphy, flute; Robert Hutcherson, vibes; Eddie Khan, bass; J.C. Moses, drums. * Prestige PRLP 7294, PR 7826; Original Jazz Classics OJC-247, OJCCD-247-2   Eric Dolphy At The Five Spot, Vol. = Affinity (E) AFF 79   John Coltrane - Live At Birdland Featuring Eric Dolphy List of sessions by recorded date & location: Eric Dolphy Discography - … 3 Eric Dolphy: Musical Prophet — — : The Expanded 1963 New York Studio Sessions. Eric Dolphy, alto sax, flute, bass clarinet; Eddie Costa, vibes, piano; Barry Galbraith, guitar; Art Davis, Chuck Israels, bass; Sticks Evans, drums; with The Syracuse Friends Of Chamber Music: John Oberbrunner, flute; Adrienne Galimir, Louis Krasner, violin; Joan Mulfinger, viola; George Mulfinger Jr., cello; Gunther Schuller, conductor. * Impulse! a quintet with George Joyner (bass), Buster Smith = Mosaic MR4-111, MD3-111   The Complete Candid Recordings Of Charles Mingus ASY-9284-3   Various Artists - The Bass. Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, June 27, 1961, * New Jazz NJLP 8269; Prestige PR 7579; Original Jazz Classics OJC-082, OJCCD-082-2   Mal Waldron - The Quest Esoteric Sound Studios, NYC, November, 1960, * Blue Note BT 85131, CDP 7 48041 2   Eric Dolphy - Other Aspects His brand of jazz was not rooted in blues but in classical music, hence his compositions and his playing technique taking on a more angular approach. Musical Prophet: The Expanded 1963 New York Studio Sessions is being released in partnership with the Eric Dolphy Trust and the Alan Douglas Estate with remastered high-resolution monoaural audio transferred directly from the original tapes. a three-minute solo saxophone piece, and the 13-minute clarinet-bass duet on Eric Dolphy, alto sax, flute; Ron Carter, bass #3,4. Years. Eric Dolphy, bass clarinet; Richard Davis, bass. Dolphy had reached his maturity, and his satori was Bill Hardman, trumpet; Grachan Moncur III, trombone; Ray Alonge, Bob Northern, French horn; Jerome Richardson, flute; Danny Bank, flute, baritone sax; Eric Dolphy, alto sax; Lou Cranston, tenor sax; Julius Held, Hanry Lokofsky, George Ockner, Gene Orloff, violin; Harold Goletta, viola; Charles McCracken, cello; Bill Evans, piano; Ron Carter, bass; Charlie Persip, drums; Benny Golson, arranger, conductor. "Berlingske Has", Copenhagen, Denmark, September 6, 1961, * Prestige PR 7350; Original Jazz Classics OJC-414, OJCCD-414-2   Eric Dolphy In Europe, Vol. Booker Little, trumpet #1,2,4-11; Eric Dolphy, alto sax, bass clarinet, flute; Mal Waldron, piano #1,2,4-11; Richard Davis, bass #1,2,4-11; Ed Blackwell, drums #1,2,4-11. B 【 Eric Dolphy At The Five Spot, Vol. But this compilation, most of which was evidently recorded in the private studio that Dolphy had behind his parents' Los Angeles home, represents tapings of rehearsal sessions that were used to audition a new tenor saxophonist for the band that the … * Atlantic LP 1364, SD 1364   The Ornette Coleman Double Quartet - Free Jazz. Vintage color mixing by Jazz Improvisers : Eric Dolphy, alto sax, bass clarinet, flute; Clifford Jordan, tenor sax; Jaki Byard, piano; Charles Mingus, bass; Dannie Richmond, drums. = Prestige P-24070   Eric Dolphy - Status Jerome Richardson, flute, tenor sax; Eric Dolphy, bass clarinet; Zoot Sims, tenor sax; Pepper Adams, baritone sax; Teddy Charles, vibes; Hall Overton, piano; Jimmy Raney, guitar; Ted Kotick, bass; Osie Johnson, drums. = Impulse! IZ-9361/2   The Mastery Of John Coltrane, Vol. * Impulse! is a 1964 album by jazz multi-instrumentalist Eric Dolphy.His only recording on Blue Note as a leader, it was originally issued as BLP 4163 and BST 84163. = Vee-Jay VJLP 2503, VJLPS 2503; Exodus EX-6005, EXS-6005   The Eric Dolphy Memorial Album = Prestige PR 24008   Eric Dolphy. 2. Tragically, Dolphy, 33 years old at the time of these sessions, would die just three years later in Berlin, … Eric Dolphy, clarinet; Gloria Agostini, harp; Warren Chiasson, vibes; Richard Davis, bass. ASH-9306-2   The Gentle Side Of John Coltrane * Unique Jazz UJ 10   Eric Dolphy - Quintet U.S.A. A-10, AS-10   Coltrane - "Live" At The Village Vanguard "Village Gate", Greenwich Village, NY, August 8-September 3, 1961. Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, April 1, 1960, * New Jazz NJLP 8236; Prestige PR 7311; Original Jazz Classics OJC-022, OJCCD-022-2   Eric Dolphy - Outward Bound He appeared on many recordings in his short career, both as a sideman and as a leader. Dolphy, who had been playing avantgarde music with Mingus, Coleman and Coltrane = Impulse! GRD-128   John Coltrane - Newport '63 Eric Dolphy, alto sax, bass clarinet, flute; Bob James, piano; Ron Brooks, bass; Robert Pozar, percussion; David Schwartz, vocals. ), Landscape (F) LS2-913; Jazz Up (It) JU 307, Fables Of Faubus (mistitled as Fables For Faubus), Meditations (false start) (rehearsal take), Landscape (F) LS2-905; Moon (It) MLP 016-1, So Long Eric (mistitled as Hope So Eric, Part 1), So Long Eric (mistitled as Hope So Eric, Part 2), So Long Eric, Part 1 (mistitled as Goodbye Pork Pie Hat, Part 1), America (F) 30 AM 003-005; France's Concert (F) FC 110, So Long Eric, Part 2 (mistitled as Goodbye Pork Pie Hat, Part 2), Meditations (mistitled as Meditation For Integration), America (F) 30 AM 003-005; France's Concert (F) FC 102, I Can't Get Started (mistitled as Starting), Peggy's Blue Skylight (mistitled as Charlemagne), Orange Was The Color Of Her Dress, Then Blue Silk (mistitled as Orange Was The Color Of Her Hair), The Madrig Speaks, The Panther Walks (aka Mandrake), Jazzway (It) MUTT 1502; West Wind (G) WW 016, Jazzway (It) MUTT 1502; West Wind (G) WW 2063. Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, September 20, 1960, * Prestige PRLP 7206; Original Jazz Classics OJC-429, OJCCD-429-2   Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis - Trane Whistle * Impulse! : John Coltrane, soprano, tenor sax; Eric Dolphy, alto sax, bass clarinet, flute; McCoy Tyner, piano; Jimmy Garrison, bass; Elvin Jones, drums. = Prestige P-24070   Eric Dolphy - Status. Eric Dolphy, alto sax, bass clarinet, flute; Oliver Nelson, tenor, alto sax, clarinet; Richard Wyands, piano; George Duvivier, bass; Roy Haynes, drums. Berlin Concerts (august 1961) documents performances by Benny Bailey, trumpet #1,4; Eric Dolphy, alto sax, bass clarinet; Pepsi Auer, piano #1,4; Jamil Nasser, bass; Buster Smith, drums. (drums), Pepsi Auer (piano) and Benny Bailey (trumpet). Eric Dolphy, alto sax, bass clarinet, flute; Rony Johansson, piano; Kurt Lindgren, bass; Rune Carlsson, drums. 4 Serene 07:02 Eric Dolphy. Los Angeles, CA, 1948 or January 19, 1949, * Savoy SJL 2215   Various Artists - Black California: The Savoy Sessions * Atlantic LP 1375, SD 1375   John Lewis - The Wonderful World Of Jazz IMPD-2-168   The John Coltrane Quartet - The Complete Africa/Brass Sessions Art Farmer, James Metlock, Eddie Preston, Bob Ross, trumpet; Danny Horton, Jimmy Knepper, William Willington, trombone; Eric Dolphy, Leroy Robinson, alto sax; Joe Howard, Clifford Solomon, tenor sax; Clyde Dunn, baritone sax; Joe Harrison, piano; Ben White, guitar; Roger Alderson, bass… 2, "Konserthuset", Stockholm, Sweden, April 13, 1964, * Royal Jazz (D) RJD 518   Charles Mingus Sextet - Oslo 1964, "Old Fellow Palaet's Store Sal", Copenhagen, Denmark, April 14, 1964, * Moon (It) MLP 016-1, MCD 016-2   Charles Mingus - Astral Weeks John Coltrane, tenor sax; Jimmy Garrison, bass; Elvin Jones, drums; on the last note only: Eric Dolphy, alto sax. = Inner City IC 3017-2   Eric Dolphy - The Berlin Concerts. AS-9273   John Coltrane - The Africa Brass Sessions, Vol. * Jazz Up (It) JU 307   Charles Mingus - Live In Oslo 1964 Featuring Eric Dolphy Dolphy’s solo is positively furious, while Blackwell nimbly switches up sounds within the steady 3/4 beat. * Candid (E) CCD 79038   Max Roach - Candid Roach. "Town Hall", NYC, 2nd set, October 12, 1962, "Showboat", Philadelphia, PA, October 19, 1962. * GM Recordings GM 3005D; enja (G) 5045, CD 5045-2; GM Recordings GM 3005CD   Eric Dolphy - Vintage Dolphy. A-6, AS-6   The John Coltrane Quartet - Africa/Brass "Philharmonic Hall", Lincoln Center, NYC, February 8, 1964. * Impulse! Unfortunately, Dolphy died a few days later at 36. Kenny Dorham, trumpet; Eric Dolphy, alto sax, bass clarinet, flute; Joe Henderson, tenor sax; Andrew Hill, piano; Richard Davis, bass; Anthony Williams, drums. IV - Trane's Modes Outward Bound is a jazz album by Eric Dolphy, released in 1960.His first album as leader, it is somewhat less adventurous and more oriented towards straight bebop than the majority of his later recordings. * Prestige PR 24046   Various Artists - 25 Years Of Prestige AS-9237-2   Freddie Hubbard - Reevaluation: The Impulse Years * Rex Hollywood 28014   Charles Mingus - Inspiration, Part 1 & 2. 2 Eric Dolphy è stato un lampo che ha illuminato la scena del jazz come pochi, forse come nessuno. * Ingo (It) fifteen   Charles Mingus Orchestra With Eric Dolphy, Vol. : same personnel. * Mercury MG-20627, SR-60627, (J) PHCE-6006   Charles Mingus - Pre-Bird = Prestige P-24070   Eric Dolphy - Status : same personnel. Vintage Dolphy, an Album by Eric Dolphy. Freddie Hubbard, trumpet #1-5,7,8; Eric Dolphy, alto sax, bass clarinet, flute; Jaki Byard, piano; George Tucker, bass; Roy Haynes, drums.