Check them out! everybody wants one. If it were me, I would borrow one of those pens, but do what I needed to do right in front of the lender and give the pen right back. These are such cool items! Kikkerland has a really cool concrete planter for succulents that also works as a pen holder. $2.95 . I love the desktop sitters. These are not your father’s trash cans. We spend the majority of our waking day at the office, so why not make it a more fun environment? Shop now, ships same day! Since you need them, why not make the ones you stock in your office awesome? With endless colors and set combinations, we don't think… I really do want all of these. I love these ideas- I want the mini vacuum and solar-powered rainbow maker right now. Start an office trend with a statement pencil case that. People love signing or leaving a note for someone with them and they brighten the space. Find great deals on eBay for cute office decorations and cute office supplies. I’m in the midst of sprucing up my own work space and may consider this. Here’s what one person had to say after they bought their otter tape dispenser: If you’re frantically tossing a presentation together for an emergency meeting and feeling just a little frantic, this little guy should put things in perspective. Privacy Policy That’s why every major brand has been racing to offer “greener” and more environmentally friendly versions of their goods. Anyway, when it comes to work, we do not usually think of fun and clever ways of doing things, so this is what makes your post an even better read. We just started snacking with SnackNation last week (HUGE hit! While I love the content in these articles, the comments usual prove to be another great source of inspiration. We did Poppin accessories for all of our staff and it was a hit (everyone got to pick their own colors). We also want to have a lego wall (base plates glued to the wall like wall paper and then a big bin of legos for people to build on the wall). We currently have games and a mini golf option but may need to add the coloring book to the mix. It brings a natural feel to the office, allowing for the outdoors to be felt inside, and it helps with refreshing the oxygen within the office space. Cute Binders. Our community here is awesome and they always have some great ideas/insights to add to our blog posts. Really helpful list of gadgets. This handy set comes loaded with supplies (including a tape dispenser and a pen cup) and offers a pop of colorful style. I need that mini USB vacuum, my desk gets so messy from dirt and crumbs, that would be so handy! Love the USB vacuum and exercise balls! I’ve long been a proponent of plants being beneficial in an office for many reasons, so was excited to see the list of benefits here that I can share – finally, validation! I’m about to start my first full-time job and so I want to get really cool supplies for my office. FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $35+. YETI Rambler 20 oz Tumbler, Stainless Steel, Vacuum Insulated with MagSlider Lid. 1. We also have a lot of books relating to our field around our office. sometime due to little bit knowledge about relevant facts people buy low quality furniture. PacMan is another wall. These are definitely on my list. They are very cute and bring good color into the space. I can’t get over the computer sitters and super mario wall decals! Each employee got a branded set as part of their onboarding. I wonder if they have USB fans instead of vacuums, since summer is just around the corner! These guys keep you company all day long. I love decorating my desk with fun flare, and I encourage others in the office to do so as well (especially if they are new!). Hey Armand, check out Oristand if you’re looking for a cheap standing desk – These are really cool ideas. This site has the perfect sticker packs for a completely silly face. Ashley found some amazing ideas to include in this list. There are animals galore, notepads that are a touch snarky, and of course a few great 90s throwbacks. The most common cute office supplies material is paper. Such cute ideas! Great ideas. 33 Products Every Office Supplies Lover Needs To Own. There are micro office kits, chicken staplers, skyscraper erasers, hammer magnets, house-shaped pencil sharpeners and paperweights. Photo belongs to purplevintagespaceprincess via Flikr. Also, I must have the Roller Notes – so cool! It would brighten my day every day while working. It’s great to see the movement to improve our health in the office. Hey Sara, great to hear your office stocks up on books. Introduce a little whimsy into your workday. We provide a monthly, curated selection of healthy snacks from the hottest, most innovative natural food brands in the industry, giving our members a hassle-free experience and delivering joy to their offices. It’s a great conversation starter when people pass by desks. Indulge in a rose gold paper clip set that is anything but ordinary. How It Works The resistance bands are intriguing and something we will have to investigate. Check out the solar-powered rainbow maker here. This pencil holder is a game changer for keeping desks nice and tidy while boosting their aesthet... mcSquares Stickies 4x4 Dry-Erase Sticky Notes | 6-Pack Reusable White Board Stickers with Included Smudge-Free Wet Erase Tackie Marker | Made in The USA. This is really a helpful list of gadgets for my daily routine task. We have little succulent plants around the office. Get yours today! I go online as well and find funny sayings, and drop them in people’s offices…it keeps working here fun and upbeat.